Abet Laminati introduces the HPL laminates library for BIM design

BIM is the acronym of “Building Information Modeling” and it is defined by the National Institutes of Building Science as ”the digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of an object”.
Therefore BIM is not a product or a software but a “box where the project information are”, in which the graphic data (like drawings) and specific technical features (like technical data sheet) are, also connected to the life cycle of the project.

BIM has been developed to find the collaboration between the designers and architects, connection of the software, the integration between procedures and sustainability.
These components are called PBIM (Product Building Information Modeling). They are virtual models relating to manufacturing products that can be used into BIM (Building Information Modeling) process.
The PBIM models includes useful information to support all the phases of building lifecycle.
A three-dimensional model can be defined BIM-compliant only if it can meet the real needs of BIM oriented design, a design suitable not only to the communication of Graphic data but also to the transmission of Information data, in different Levels of Detail.

Abet Laminati PBIM are congruent with Standard STD-SYS, based on a normative substrate which contains the rules and reference guidelines of the national and international scenery to the Building Information Modelling.

The PBIM models relating to Abet Laminati production, include all the information and graphic details (two-dimensional and three-dimensional content, materials) necessary for the recognition of both components and manufacturer. The PBIM are characterized by specific measures that maximize the usability of the models in all the stages of the Building Process, from the conceptual phase of the project to the facility management planning.
The PBIM include a well-defined set of parameters that provide the informative structure of the models and are really useful to obtain the compliance relative to the BIM process.

Other types of parameters are used to obtain a customization of the virtual model according to the items, formats and material consistency available in the catalog of the products by the Abet Laminati.
The user can make a customization of PBIM in the limits of the real dimensional and decorative availability of Abet Laminati production for each category of product, which, however, must be in line with the specifications of the products in the catalog and in particular with the information in the current revision of this catalog.
The association of PBIM to a classification system internationally recognized, gives the products Abet Laminati S.p.A. recognizability within the BIM process.

Abet Laminati makes a selection of HPL laminates available for the designer and the architect a selection of decors specific for exteriors and interiors, suggested for the application and design:


The BIM objects developed for the Abet Laminati MEG are the ultimate solution for the the exterior projects such as facades, rain and sunscreens, balconies,…
The designer has the MEG Collection also in flame retardant type (F1). Product used: MEG.


CUBICLES, cabins and restrooms and offices partition walls. Products used: Print HPL and Stratificato HPL.


LOCKERS, dressing room, specific for sport, healthcare, public and private tenders for residential buildings. Product used: Stratificato HPL.


Worktops characterized by a high resistance to chemical products (LABGRADE Collection). Product used: Stratificato HPL.


DOORS, covered by Abet Laminati DOORSPRINT Collection. Product used: Print HPL in 0,9 mm.


A new way of design, invent and innovate with the Abet Laminati BIM objects.

Download for free the Abet Laminati BIM libraries with the User Manual and develop your project.
Abet Laminati PBIM libraries are available for REVIT 2015-2016 (.rvt) and IFC format.

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