Privacy Policy

This notice is provided pursuant to Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 by ABET LAMINATI S.P.A., with registered office in Bra, Viale Industria no. 21, operating with the corporate purpose of production and sale of plastic objects and conglomerates in general and in particular of laminates and similar product. The company is fully owned by the company ABET S.p.a., which is the parent company of a group whose members include a series of companies located in Italy, in the European Union and outside the EU.

ABET Laminati S.P.A., as well as the parent company ABET S.P.A. and the other Italian and European associates, are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and to any future legislation, in application of the above-mentioned Regulation, that will enter into force in the member state in which they are established.

This policy describes the ways in which ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. uses the Personal Data collected from the users both directly and also via the website.

Data Controller

The Personal Data forwarded by the Data Subjects are used for the purposes described below by ABET LAMINATI S.P.A., with registered office in Viale Industria 21, Post Box 47 12042 BRA (CN) Italy, in its capacity as Data Controller, which can be contacted at the following email address:

ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. can also act as Data Protection Officer on behalf of some associates of the group (the list of whom can be consulted by submitting a request to the following email:

Personal Data collected from the user or from third parties

ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. collects from the Data Subject, depending on the purpose of the processing to be carried out and only in the measure strictly necessary, various types of Personal Data, which typically include common data (personal and contact details), tax-related data and/or those relative to their school and professional training as well as the certification of their skills (in the case of candidates).

ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. also uses the Personal Data provided by the Data Subject to third parties, for instance to service providers, or Personal Data which are public knowledge, such as Personal Data which are commonly recognised, those visible on the Data Subject’s website or blog or those posted on their public profile pages on social media.

ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. also uses different types of cookies necessary and functional to the Data Subject’s browsing (see Cookie Policy).

The Personal Data are collected either on an optional or a mandatory basis. If their collection is mandatory, they will be marked as such by ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. if the Data Subject fails to communicate the data marked as mandatory, it might be impossible for the company to carry out the process or activity requested by said Data Subject.

In cases in which ABET LAMINATI S.P.A indicates certain Data as optional, the Data Subjects are free to abstain from communicating these, without this compromising the availability of the Service or its operations.

Legal grounds and purposes of the Personal Data collection

The above-mentioned Personal Data collected by ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. are used based on lawful grounds (so-called legal basis of the processing) and for a series of purposes, listed below.

ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. can collect Personal Data based on, or without, the consent of the Data Subject involved when:

  1. this is necessary in order to fulfil a legal obligation;
  2. a contract in which the Data Subject is one of the parties must or will be executed;
  3. there are legitimate, public or vital interests to be protected which will prevail over the rights of the Data Subject involved;
  4. an authority has requested that ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. process the Personal Data.

ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. can further process the user’s Personal Data should the Data Subject grant their consent for the further processing of the same for a purpose that is new and not compatible with the purposes for which they were originally collected.

Purposes for which the processing is performed Legal grounds on which the processing is based
Processing customers’ orders for products and services, establishing a contract Executing a contract
Informing customers about additional services related to the purchased product or service Consent
Informing customers about events, promotional campaigns and sending the relative invitations Subject to receipt of the Data Subject’s consent and the company’s legitimate interest in informing the customers about updates to its products and services
Registering and managing purchase orders, company expenses and invoices provided by suppliers and service providers Executing a contract
Managing the recruitment processes by collecting curriculae sent by the candidates through the website or during selection procedures Consent
Prevention of fraud and crimes Legitimate interest
Ascertaining, exercising and safeguarding one’s rights or the rights of those represented by the company (for example in disputes) before any court of any country or also in any out-of-court proceedings (for example, among others, the right of ABET LAMINATI S.P.A to present reminders designed to obtain the payment of an unpaid invoice) Legitimate interest

Categories of recipients to which or whom the data will be communicated

The data (or part of the same) collected by ABET LAMINATI S.P.A, under the limit and depending on the purposes indicated, can be communicated to:

  • anyone who collaborates with the company for the execution of the duties deriving from the contract (for example: shipping/transport companies);
  • public entities, authorities and/or other parties for the fulfilment of legal obligations;
  • third party companies for the management of credit;
  • firms, companies, natural persons appointed as Data Supervisors and/or privacy contacts, which collaborate in order to carry out the service on behalf of the Data Controller, suitably appointed and informed, a list of whom can be obtained from the company’s registered office upon explicit request sent by email, in compliance with the confidentiality duty (IT service, website management and system administration companies, accountants).

Data processing and retention methods and the relative criteria

The processing will be carried out in an automated and/or manual form, in compliance with the terms set forth by Article 32 of the GDPR 2016/679 regarding security measures, by parties specifically appointed and trained for this purpose.

The approach taken by ABET LAMINATI S.P.A is that of not retaining the Data Subject’s Personal Data forever. The Personal Data are retained by ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. insofar as this is necessary and only for the purpose of pursuing the purposes described above. Once the purpose has been fulfilled, ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. will erase the Personal Data unless they must be filed in accordance with the law in force in Italy, Europe or internationally.

The criterion used by ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. to identify the period of data retention takes into account the legal retention period (which is often ten years for tax and accounting purposes) and of the expiry term – usually ten years- within which any rights could be exercised against ABET LAMINATI S.P.A.

ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. undertakes to erase from its files the Personal Data belonging to the candidates who are not hired at the end of the selection process, when there are no legitimate reasons for their retention.

Transferral of Personal Data to third countries(outside the EU)

ABET LAMINATI SPA may be required to transfer Personal Data to countries located outside the EU .In all cases when Personal Data is transferred to a country not located inside the EU, ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. undertakes to:

  • ensure an adequate level of protection by establishing appropriate guarantees and complying with the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679;
  • managing the transfers of Personal Data based on:
    1. adequacy decisions of the European Union; or
    2. standard contract clauses/binding company rules; or
    3. code of conduct approved by the relative official security control/certification authority.
  • manage the transfers of the Personal data based on the consent of the Data Subject whose Personal Data are to be transferred, or based on derogations by virtue of Article 49 of EU Regulation 2016/679 if the transfer cannot be executed based on the above-mentioned cases a), b), c).

Rights of the Data Subject

In case of questions regarding the protection of their Personal Data or the exercising of their rights, the user-Data Subject can contact ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. at any time, by writing to the following email address:

Once the Personal Data have been processed, the Data Subject has various rights that can be exercised in the ways indicated below.

The Data Subject must be as specific as possible each time they want to exercise their rights, as ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. can only respond adequately to the requests formulated in sufficient detail.

ABET LAMINATI S.P.A must verify the user’s identity in as detailed a way as possible, to prevent persons other than the Data Subject from attempting to exercise their rights. To this end, the Data Subject will be asked to provide proof of identity valid when said request is presented.


Right of access

Should the user wish to access the Personal Data that ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. processes or obtain more information about:

  • the purposes of the processing;
  • categories of the Personal Data in question;
  • categories of recipients to which or whom the Personal Data has been or will be communicated;
  • envisaged data retention period or the criteria used to establish said period;
  • rights of the Data Subject;
  • rights that the Data Subject can exercise with regard to the processing on the part of ABET LAMINATI S.P.A.;
  • the existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling and the envisaged consequences;

and any information available regarding the Personal Data processing, they must write to the following email address:

ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. will only use the Personal Data provided by the Data Subject for the purpose of verifying and performing the processing of the request.

If the Data Subject exercises the right to access, ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. will provide a list that is as complete as possible or a copy of the Personal Data.

Right to supplement/correct/erase/restrict the processing of one’s Personal Data

It may occur that some of the Personal Data retained by ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. are not (or are no longer) correct. The Data Subject can request that their Personal Data be corrected or supplemented at any time.

If the Data Subject wishes ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. to erase their Personal Data, the request will be processed, unless an impediment or incompatibility pursuant to the law or by virtue of legitimate interests regarding the erasure emerge.

The user can restrict the processing of their Personal Data in progress at any time.

Right to data portability

In certain circumstances, the Data Subject is entitled to receive all the Personal Data that they have communicated to us in a structured format, of common use that can be read by a computer. He or she can also request the portability of the Personal Data to another Data Controller if this is technically possible.

Right to withdraw consent

Each time that the user grants ABET LAMINATI S.P.A. their consent to the personal data processing, they can subsequently withdraw said consent at any time by following the suggested procedure and with the same ease with which it had granted it.

If the user wishes to withdraw their consent, they can do so at any time, without compromising the lawfulness of the processing performed based on the consent provided before the withdrawal.

Right to object to the Personal Data Processing and to the processing using automated decision-making systems

The Data Subject is entitled to object at any time to the processing of their Personal Data, including profiling, for reasons related to their own particular situation.

The Data Subject is entitled not to be subject to a decision made only based on the automated processing, including profiling, which may produce legal effects that concern them, or that similarly and significantly influences their person.

The Data Subject can exercise the above rights by submitting a specific request addressed to:

Right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority

The Data Subject who fails to agree with the methods used by ABET LAMINATI SPA to process the Personal Data can forward a complaint to the Data Protection Authority for their country of residence.

Security measures for the protection of the Personal Data

ABET LAMINATI S.P.A has implemented adequate security measures with the purpose of maintaining the integrity and security, as well as preventing the destruction, loss, accidental or illegal alteration, the unauthorised disclosure, or the access to the Personal Data sent, memorised or otherwise processed in line with EU Regulation 2016/679.

Amendments to this data protection policy

This data protection Policy can be amended or updated in light of the future laws in force internationally, in Europe or in Italy.

The user can always fine the most recent version of the ABET LAMINATI S.P.A data protection Policy on its website.