Abet World: the showroom with surfaces that made design history

Sep 2020

Abet’s new exhibition hall, designed by design curators Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni, opens on 10 September: nearly 500 materials on display signed over the years by the best international designers. A “home” for designers and companies where it’s easy to fall in love with materials A journey into the excellence of Made in Italy … Read more

Abet meets architects | Claudia Campone

Aug 2020

A contemporary residence project that investigates post lockdown housing and working experiences is going to see the light in Milan. The idea came out and developed right in the months of the Covid-19 emergency, between Rome and London, as the result of the creative mind of Claudia Campone, founder of the ThirtyOne Design studio. Reconsidering … Read more

Abet and De Rosso, the exuberance of design

Jul 2020

If you want an essay on how plastic laminate can become the perfect material to enhance collectible design, the instrument of choice for visionary designers, you don’t have to go back to Memphis or Alchimia over the years. There is a project strongly desired by Roberto De Rosso, who drew fully from the archive of … Read more

ABET meets architects | Alfonso Femia

Jul 2020

Internationally renowned architect, Alfonso Femia is the founder of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, a design studio active from small to large scale throughout Europe, from Italy to France.   Why do you use laminate? Ezio Manzini, engineer and architect, author of “The matter of the invention”, defines the surface of objects with the brilliant expression “material … Read more

Abet Capsule Collection July 2020

Jul 2020

Abet is pleased to introduce the Capsule Collection July 2020. A collection of surfaces that combines the quality and resistance of Abet Laminati HPL with stylistic research, that has always been very important for the Bra based company. This small collection includes four new decors: Emperor and Bright Emperor inspired by the marble both are … Read more

Antimicrobial design in the lifts of Studio Marco Piva for IGV with Abet’s Lamishield

Jun 2020

Design, hygiene, safety: these are the ingredients that, at the time of the pandemic, we claim to find in a lift, a small world destined to transport hundreds, thousands of people every day.