PdiPigna | “100 quotes to note down, share or forget.”

An installation that invites you to literally read through pages of a hundred-year-long story. A maxi notebook to celebrate the excellence of two brands representing the essence of being Italian in the world.

Marine Sector

Abet introduces its solutions for the marine sector.

Sliding Seat System

Discover Sliding Seat System.
Made using SlidingCore, designed by Matteo Ragni and Giulio Iacchetti.

Abet Digital Factory

An easy and complete service to customise your decorative elements, with unlimited flexibility, flawless quality and a great aesthetic impact.
Discover all the applications of Abet Digital.


Navone talks about her relationship with decoration, the development of her design poetics and how Abet laminate has always been part of her journey to discover beauty.

New Press

A charge of design, technology, beauty.

New Automatic Warehouse

Five hundred square meters to improve our logistics and make Abet and its world even smarter.

Abet World

A home for designers and companies where it’s easy to fall in love with materials.


Here is the first video chat of Abet meets Architects series. Cinzia Pagni explain how laminate is an essential element fot the design!

Abet Cares

This video is a journey into what we believe in. We called it Abet Cares.

Una Città Immaginaria – Paola Navone

Milano Design Week 2017, the Triennale di Milano hosts the exhibition Una Città Immaginaria created by Paola Navone to celebrate the materials of Abet Laminati.

Albero Stilematico | Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini has designed a totem of 6 meters high, which was at entrance of the MUDEC, Museum of Cultures in Milan, as a tribute to Kandinskij.

Museo Abet Laminati

More than 50 years of history to tell, Numerous and variety of important collaborations to remember… All this at Abet Laminati Museum

Dinner on Stage | Teatro dell’Arte Triennale di Milano

Milano, Fuori Salone 2016: Abet Laminati in the Teatro dell’Arte at the Milan Triennale for a theatrical dinner curated by Paola Navone

Abet Corporate Movie

Founded in the end of the 1950s, Abet Laminati is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of decorative laminate.The varied universe of Abet Laminati is formed by an endless number of products with different characteristics, aesthetic peculiarities and functions

Abet Digital

Abet Laminati is renewing digital print. Abet Digital is born.
A new brand, a complete service, a clearer and easier way to customise your decorative elements, thanks to the flawless quality and experience of Abet Laminati. Discover the unlimited potential and all the applications of Abet Digital.