Towards a more sustainable future

Abet Laminati has always operated in full respect of the environment, focusing on economising with natural resources. In 2010 the company obtained the ISO 14001 Certification and has recently achieved another significant goal stating the commitment in favour of the safeguard of the world forest heritage. From January 2014 Abet Laminati has obtained both the voluntary “Chain of Custody“ certifications that guarantee that the final product has been manufactured using exclusively materials coming from forests responsibly managed and/or from other controlled sources, according to FSC® and PEFC™ schemes.In early 2019 Abet Laminati S.p.A. obtained the prestigious Indoor Advantage™ Gold certification, which certifies that indoor materials comply with rigorous indoor air quality (IAQ) restrictions on volatile organic compounds (COV) for a healthy indoor environment.
The company also conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study using international standard ISO 14040 to analyse the environmental impact generated by its products over their life cycle, from the procuring of resources and raw materials to the final destination of the finished product.
(PRINT HPL Thin registration Number: EPDITALY0064;
ECO EPD Registration Number: 00000959; CPC 36390;
Issue date 18 June 2019, validity 17 June 2024)

(PRINT HPL Compact registration Number: EPDITALY0085;
ECO EPD Registration Number: 00001063; CPC 36390;
Issue date 8 November 2019, validity 8 November 2024)

Abet Laminati has obtained the EPD HPL Thin and EPD HPL Compact, including also HPL for external applications (MEG). The EPD certifications are available on ECO Platform portal allows a transparent communication and offers international visibility. This significant milestone means that Abet products can contribute to the green rating systems used for buildings. Among the most widespread green rating systems for buildings is LEED. Abet Laminati has created a document with comprehensive information on how Abet laminate can help satisfy certification requirements (document available at bottom of page).
To be a leading manufacturer of decorative plastic laminates means above all to work always improving results and to do it responsibly will continue to be for Abet Laminati an absolutely necessary condition, a duty towards the planet, of its development and its future.




Products certified FSC® available on request

Products certified PEFC™ available on request