Abet Laminati introduces the HPL laminates library for BIM design

Jun 2016

BIM is the acronym of “Building Information Modeling” and it is defined by the National Institutes of Building Science as ”the digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of an object”. BIM has been developed to find the collaboration between the designers and architects, connection of the software, the integration between procedures and sustainability. These … Read more


Abet Laminati at DESIGN DISTRICT

May 2016

Abet Laminati will present Polaris at Design District (1-3 June) in Taets, Zaandam. Design District is the event for interior architecture and design in the Netherlands. Together with the BNI (Dutch Association of Interior Architects) Abet Laminati has organized a design contest for the design of its stand: the response to this initiative was overwhelming. … Read more

ABET 03616 Invictus FS_2

Abet Laminati presents INVICTUS

May 2016

    Invictus originated with the idea of creating a unique product that combines for the first time two elements of superior quality: ultra-high-performance surfaces by Abet Laminati, with all the luminosity of glass produced by the American company, Corning. The collaboration between the two companies has given rise to Invictus, a spectacular product that creates an amazing … Read more


Abet Laminati & Karim Rashid | Venice Design 2016

May 2016

From 28th May until 27th November 2016 the Abet Laminati Digital Nature Collection will define a space designed by Karim Rashid in Palazzo Michiel within the exhibition Venice Design 2016 hosted by the European Cultural Centre. Digital Nature is designed to be a fantastic, ocular space. It captures the essence of multisensorial living in our … Read more


15th International Architecture Exhibition | La Biennale di Venezia | Belgium Pavilion

May 2016

In late May, the Biennale Architettura 2016 – the international high mass for contemporary architecture – opens in Venice. In this occasion, the Flanders Architecture Institute (VAi) has chosen the BRAVOURE team to create an exhibition in the Belgian pavilion on the theme of ‘craftsmanship’. Architectural firms De Vylder Vinck Taillieu, Doorzon Interieurarchitecten and the … Read more


Abet Laminati with Ugo Nespolo in Pisa

May 2016

Ugo Nespolo, one of the protagonists of Italian art, will exhibit in Pisa in a worderful location: Santa Maria della Spina Church, where Pop Art meets the magic of the fourteenth century. Nespolo is one of the most original artists of the contemporary scene and his attention has been dedicated to numerous area of interest: … Read more