Walt Disney x MOAM x SupertoysSupertoys with Abet laminates

Nov 2018

NL-based designerduo SupertoysSupertoys Merle Flügge and Job Mouwen were invited by MOAM x Walt Disney to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday with an art-piece and chose Abet’s colourful laminate as their main material. The art-piece celebrates Mickey’s character traits. Through a configuration of simple colourful three-dimensional shapes mimicking Mickey’s most iconic posture, the designers aim … Read more


Abet Laminati and Paola Navone together at the Dubai Design Week

Oct 2018

Abet Laminati is attending the fourth edition of the Dubai Design Week with an installation designed by Paola Navone, the designer the company has been collaborating with for over thirty years and who is its art director today. The Dubai Design Week, an event that is becoming more and more important among the international design … Read more

SupertoysSupertoys x Abet Laminati _03

Abet Laminati for SupertoysSupertoys at Dutch Design Week 2018

Oct 2018

Building upon our project “When Furniture Meets” Abet Laminati continued the collaboration with designer duo Merle Flügge and Job Mouwen from SupertoysSupertoys. In this project the designers imagined a world full of living objects made of our colourful laminate. Visit us at Dutch Design Week 2018. Broeinest Torenallee 45 5617 BA Eindhoven Map No. A15 … Read more


Abet Digital laminates selected by Adam Nathaniel Furman for “Lumalisk”

Oct 2018

Abet Digital laminates selected by Adam Nathaniel Furman for “Lumalisk”, as part of the “Landmarks” series at Biennale Interieur – Belgium Based on the archetypal layout of an Italian piazza, Studio Verter has designed the expo halls to become like a city-in-a-city. Adam Nathaniel Furman, architect and designer based in London, will present the “Lumalisk”. This 9.5 … Read more

Diplos - Italian Design Solution

Abet Laminati at Biennale Interieur 2018

Oct 2018

Abet Laminati will be presenting the DIPLOS – Italian Design Solution at the Biennale Interieur 2018. Diplos, which is the fruit of the collaboration between Abet Laminati and Saib, two leading Italian manufacturers of decorative panels, combines high-pressure laminate (HPL), melamine-faced chipboard (MFC) and ABS edge banding and the combination possibilities offered are almost endless. … Read more


Abet Laminati at Sicam, Pordenone (Italy)

Oct 2018

Abet Laminati will attend SICAM again, the Fair dedicated to components, semi-finished products and accessories for the furniture industry. Metalleido composite panels, the matt and elegant Polaris Collection decors, DIPLOS: the new Italian Design Solution by Abet Laminati and Saib, and the digitally printed decors designed by Karim Rashid, characterize the impressive exhibition space designed by Roberto Garbugli Designer, inspired by the … Read more