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SlidingCore is a manufacturing technique that combines pressing and heat which allows Abet Laminati Stratificato HPL panels to be curved (postformed).
SlidingCore was created to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. The result is a product with a look that is new and compact, a durable panel that is no longer restricted to a rigid shape allowing it to be used on projects with curved components.

SlidingCore is a versatile product used in furnishings for laboratories, schools, hospitals, shops, shopping centres, hotels, cinemas and theatres. It is particularly suitable for bathroom counters, the internal frames of French doors or for benches and columns. Resistant to impact, wear and solvents, it is the ideal choice that guarantees strength, durability and hygiene.



SlidingCore is available flat – the standard version – or with L or S curves and in two sizes.  SlidingCore can also be customised with ad hoc moulds, thereby increasing the offer and range of suitable applications.

SlidingCore panels can be made with two colours, black (BK) or brown (Standard) interior, with a Morbida or Sei finish. The majority of Abet Laminati decorative panels, as well as the Polaris Collection, can be made in SlidingCore.


For more details and information about specific sizes and possible decorations, please refer to your Abet Laminati contact person.