More than 50 years of history to tell. Numerous and variety of important collaborations to remember. The moments in time that have marked international design to highlight. The countless collections presented in a stream of successes and artistic interpretations to revive. The technological advances, continuous research and creation of textures, variants and possibilities of laminate to share. All this and so much more are now gathered in a space conceived to fully enhance Abet laminates.

The idea of the Museum grew out of a desire to create a refined collection of the styles, colours and shapes of what Gio Ponti described as “extraordinary material for architecture developed by man”. Evolved from the will to create a location that embraces at the same time a place of information, documentation and exhibition that gathers important pieces, sometimes unique, born from the creative genius of the most important designers in the world. More than 600 square metres housing furniture, accessories and objects, which describe and highlight the value and uniqueness of different historical periods. Visiting the rooms means to retrace part of design history, an immersion into fragments of significant realities that followed the swirling changing trends from the Sixties to the present day.

Abet’s laminate, so often the number-one choice of designers for its numerous figurative possibilities and undeniable charm, creates inside the Museum the right time and venue to explain its path through continuous metamorphosis; a path that has supported and sometimes anticipated tastes and cultural revolutions that make this versatile material an essential part of the evolution of design. The Museum and the protagonist to which it is dedicated will further evolve over time to include many other pages of the corporate history, new interpretations of the laminate and the future of design. The two rooms of the Museum are dedicated to the leading figures of the company, to its founder Enrico Garbarino and Cesara Mazzola Garbarino, President until 2011.

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Produced by Otterloop Studio