Monocore 3D FP

08 April 2016

MONOCORE® 3D FP is a multi-layer sandwich panel made of three 6 mm thick fibreglass layers, to which three more mats of glass fabric are added to give the panel greater resistance both to bending and compression and high resistance to flection, the surface can be further bonded (on one side or on both sides) with Abet Laminati High Pressure Laminates. The panel can be coated (e.g. with non-slip surfaces such as rubber materials or carpet).
MONOCORE® 3D FP panel has been certified to comply with AFNOR NF 16.101 & NF-P 92.501, class M1 F0.

Product with low flame-spread characteristics, certified in compliance with MED Directive.
Product in compliance with the requirements of UNI EN 45545-2 standard for railways applications.