Ostuni is a new finish inspired by lime and plaster with a tactile and textured surface combining both glossy and matt elements


A structured, compact and deep finish; a pattern that makes each decor unique


Inspired by the skin texture, it is trendy and recognizable, very pleasant to the touch


The historical Abet Laminati finish designed in the Sixties – matte and pleasant to the touch – became the classic and universal finish of laminate.

Sei Due

Harmonious and versatile, with a “compact” effect, the Sei Due finish provides balance and sobriety to any surface.


Shiny, bright and pleasantly smooth, the Lucida finish sets off and lights up every colour shade.


It remains glossy and luminous, reducing the level of surface dulling over time.


An elegantly and gently shimmering silky surface with an undefined scratched and three-dimensional effect.


Morbida is true to its name: its matte effect makes for an unmistakable finish that is particularly pleasant to the touch.


It is inspired by the remarkable tactile properties of paper. Distinguished yet discreet, Papier makes surfaces stylish and adds the extra value of versatility.


An intensely textured finish with a significant visual and tactile impact – firm and full-bodied, yet balanced, “66” characterises surfaces with a particularly solid effect.


Deep and opaque, the texture is slightly and pleasantly ribbed in a non-invasive manner that evokes natural elements.


The ideal finish to light up any decorative surface with its glow and offer textured and chromatic overtures.

Zodia 3

Essential and down to earth, Zodia 3 embodies energy and solidity. Its coarse appearance is both sophisticated and completely versatile.


A scratched finish, a “hide” with a strong character, softened by an unexpected visual effect.

Grana 2

An original finish that is reminiscent of woven fabric. Refined and original, Grana 2 adds clear aesthetic content to surf


Lots of small vertical lines, for a refined opacity with a vaguely vintage flavour.


A full-bodied series of horizontal lines, for an imposing optical effect that gives depth and movement to any surface.

Millerighe 2

A more opaque version of the Millerighe finish, for a more sober result.


It is characterised by highly visible irregular vertical lines that perfectly highlight the appearance of the decors.


Inspired by natural grains, Grainwood enhances the aesthetic properties of the decors, partly thanks to a glossy and matte succession that is its distinguishing feature.


An irregular and never-ending sequence of small incisions, for an asymmetrical and discreet effect that adds dynamism to any surface.


Like marks left by time, deep and irregular lines create a natural and pleasant sense of movement.


Root expresses itself with firm language, using signs that are unmistakably reminiscent of wooden essences, instantly transmitting warmth and energy through sight and touch.


A special horizontal finish that is sinuous, structured and opaque, for a deep visual effect that highlights any shade.