25 February 2020

At EuroShop in Dusseldorf ABET presented a design assistance service: B.E. MEG (Building Envelopment)  offers professionals and companies the possibility to take full advantage of the MEG’s design and technology.

MEG is ABET’s product for the cladding of ventilated facades, a versatile and customizable tool thanks to digital printing technology, « Design your wall and break it! »

ABET has a dedicated team that creates the cladding of the building together with designers, gives technical support in the design of the facade, carries out all the required processes and assists in the construction and assembly phases.

MEG is a versatile product that can be used both for outdoor installations and for very popular interiors such as shopping malls or other public places. Thanks to its flexibility, this decorative laminate has always inspired designers. The MEG was used by Alessandro Mendini for the famous Groninger Museum and for the Stilematic Tree, the totem that in 2017 enhanced the Mudec Museum in Milan, in collaboration with ABET.