Teatro dei Burattini triennale di Milano

03 April 2015

The Teatro dei Burattini, a project developed by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini produced with Abet Laminati products, is to take place from April 14, 2015 at the Triennale di Milano gardens. For decades, Alessandro Mendini’s creativity has combined successfully with the curiosity of Abet Laminati. Thus, the partnership with the Atelier takes center stage with the Teatro dei Burattini, set against the backdrop of the Triennale di Milano gardens. Alessandro and Francesco Mendini have designed an open work that sets out to interact with spectators of all ages; a permanent, long-lasting architecture where puppets – “burattini” in Italian – recount the past and an imagined future. This is a unique project, both from a structural and from a creative point of view; an auspicious project for new and ancient fairy tales, ever rooted in Italian culture. Over the next two years, the Teatro dei Burattini will be located at the Triennale di Milano gardens; it will be a great occasion for the visitors of both 2015 and 2016 Salone Internazionale del Mobile and Expo 2015 to appreciate it.
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