Abet Laminati and Brianza Plastica together for a new innovating rainscreen

12 May 2017

Abet Laminati has always been committed in searching for new products combining the highest technical performance with refined and unique decors and finishes. This has led the company to recently renovate the MEG catalogue with new interesting decors.

MEG (Material Exterior Grade) is a material designed for outdoor applications and ideal for architecture. Compact, long-lasting, specific for rain-screens and other outdoor applications, MEG provides technical performances that make it suitable for the building industry where it can be an excellent alternative to traditional materials.

It is thanks to this important application in the building industry that Abet Laminati has entered into a new collaboration with Brianza Plastica, a leading manufacturer of isolating materials and façades that has chosen MEG to be assembled with their Isotec Parete panels to create a rain-screen providing the highest energetic performances with highly technical and aesthetically pleasing results.

The combination between MEG surfaces by Abet Laminati and the heat insulating panels Isotec Parete by Brianza Plastica provides great advantages: elimination of thermal bridging, energy saving, high protection against humidity. This is possible thanks to a simple, economic and quick solution which can be easily built up and covered thanks to the large selection of available decors.

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