Abet Laminati Stratificato Print HPL for Plettro coffee tables at Expo 2015

26 June 2015

In occasion of Expo 2015, De Rosso realized the Plettro coffee tables, design Franco Zagari, PAN associated; the tables top is made of Abet Laminati Stratificato Print HPL, customized using the digital printing technology.
The name Plettro (Plectrum), is given by the particular design of the tops, realized in seven different shapes and drawings, completely original, defined as “Post-Euclidian” realized using six arcs, with different tangencies between each other.
By the will of Gianmaria Sforza, creative director of the Expo Urban Furniture Project, 21 samples were realized, based on the original project; Plettro coffee tables will furnish one of the ten areas of the Street Food special project at the Exhibition site.