ABET’s Lamishield used in COVID-19 prefab negative pressure units

06 April 2020

Axis MedicalAxis Medical, a Greek company internationally acknowledged for its expertise in the construction of operating rooms, areas of controlled pressure and hygiene, and intensive care units, has developed a mobile prefabricated negative pressure unit that will be used in Greece to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The unit has been designed and developed with ABET’s supplier IK Katsaras, a Greek company specialized in the distribution of highly resistant, hygienic, antimicrobial and antibacterial surfaces and it features ABET’S Lamishield.

This innovative coating (BioCote® silver-ion technology) can be embedded into the decorative layer of any ABET laminate. The silver ions that it injects inside the sandwich structure of the material reduces bacterial presence of 99.9% in conjunction with good hygiene and cleaning practice.

Thanks to this technology, laminate – an easy to clean, hygienic and highly durable material per se – thus becomes an excellent surface to use in clinical and medical spaces and providing an answer to one of today’s greatest challenges: cross contamination in hospital (and generally public) buildings.

«We have always been at the forefront in providing hygienic surfaces», say Ettore Bandieri, CEO of ABET, «which is the reason why we have invested in the BioCote® silver-ion technology and managed to include it in virtually all our laminates, with the Lamishield product proposal. We didn’t expect it to become so dramatically up-to-date but we are proud to now be able to support any clinical need and requirements in Italy and in the world – like in this case in Greece, through our partners Ik Katsaras and Axis Medical».