(ITA) Il MEG di Abet Laminati a KLIMAHOUSE con Isotec Parete di Brianza Plastica

16 January 2019

Abet Laminati is attending for the second time Klimahouse, the fair that proves how the building industry can offer many alternatives which can guarantee significant energy savings and a greater home comfort.

Abet Laminati is taking part to this special event with Brianza Plastica again, one of the most qualified companies in façade isolation, with MEG combined with Isotec Parete panels. This collaboration has given birth to a ventilated façade system with excellent energetic performances and a technical finish characterized by a very pleasant look. A solution both quick and easy to realize featuring one of the many MEG decors available.

Visit us in Bolzano.


CD Area – Stand C 18/64

23/26 January 2019


Renovation Picchio Village