Elle Decor Grand Hotel – The Open House

05 October 2017

Abet Laminati is partner of the exhibit Elle Decor Grand Hotel – The Open House curated by Studio Antonio Citterio – Patricia Viel.

Abet Laminati is taking part to the Elle Decor Grand Hotel – The Open House exhibit on the theme of hospitality and haute hôtellerie to be held in the elegant Palazzo Morando in October.

This project is one of the many events taking place during Milan’s ‘Fall Design Week’ and on the occasion of the Vendemmia di via Montenapoleone (The Grape Harvest of Via Montenapoleone): starting from the theme of hospitality the exhibit aims at analysing the role of design and architecture in public spaces.

Thanks to its historical value and for the identity achieved as seat of the collection Costume, Fashion and Image of the City of Milan, Palazzo Morando is the right place to set the Elle Decor Grand Hotel  The Open House: the plan of its spaces suggests the idea of discovering them slowly as if walking on a trail unwinding through its rooms where the visitor has the feeling of being in a real hotel in which the architecture of the installation fits to the space and give a new form to it.

To characterize the walls of the library in the Grand Hotel, the Studio Antonio Citterio – Patricia Viel has chosen panels of the Abet Laminati Collezione Metalli (decorativo 880).

Elle Decor Grand Hotel – The Open House

6/22 October 2017

Palazzo Morando. Via San Andrea, 6 Milan (Italy)


10.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.

Photo Credit: Settimio Benedusi