Amazing craftsmen: Abet Laminati and cuNeo gotico [Gothic Revival Cuneo]

21 September 2016

The 2014-2016 three-year project Il cuNeo gotico was created to claim a little-known architectural record of the Cuneo province, i.e. its Gothic Revival heritage, which is extraordinarily important at international level and includes many monuments.

At the end of the project, the former late Gothic church of San Francesco in Cuneo will be the venue of an applied art exhibition, Artieri fantastici. Capolavori dartedesign [Amazing craftsmen. Masterpieces of art and design].

Participants in the exhibition include the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte di Milano [Cologni Foundation of Art Trades of Milan] and the Compagnons du Tour de France, Fédération nationale compagnonnique des métiers du bâtiment (Paris). The latter is one of the three organisations that represent Compagnonnage, which was declared an Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO in 2010.

French Compagnonnage is the oldest surviving association of highly specialised craftsmen, especially in crafts related to construction. This association is characterised by the transfer of manual and design knowledge, by a demanding training process and mutual assistance among association members. The work of famous Italian designers and artists with incredible technical skills will be on display. The exhibited items are inspired by the symbols and tools of construction.
Among them is the impressive Archipendolo, made by Mario Mondino with steel, wood and Abet laminate.

Il cuNeo gotico. Artieri fantastici. Capolavori d’artedesign

Curated by Seminario Superiore di Arti Applicate/MIAAO, guided by Enzo Biffi Gentili

Complesso monumentale San Francesco, Cuneo (Italy)

24 September/27 November 2016

Tuesday to Sunday from 3.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Mario Mondino, Archipendolo, 2009-2016, steel mass, 95x48x48 cm.

Multiple layer poplar structure coated with the Piombo Decor, Rocks collection by Abet Laminati, made by Attitudine Forma, 240x400x90 cm

Rendering by Francesca Ventura