Abet Laminati & Karim Rashid | Venice Design 2016

24 May 2016

From 28th May until 27th November 2016 the Abet Laminati Digital Nature Collection will define a space designed by Karim Rashid in Palazzo Michiel within the exhibition Venice Design 2016 hosted by the European Cultural Centre.
Digital Nature is designed to be a fantastic, ocular space. It captures the essence of multisensorial living in our digital age.

Karim says: “I want the space to have a pulse, to sing and come alive around you, so that visitors feel inspired and revitalized. People – they aren’t just looking at the space. They are physically immersing themselves inside of my concepts.

Hopefully I am transcending Time, Space, and Existence, bringing people into another experience and inspiring them to live more progressively. It is exhibitions such as this that keep humanity positive and allow us to envision the future.“

Through many years of collaboration, Karim and Abet Laminati have experimented with material and form, forging a true synthesis of art and design; also thanks to the craftsmanship and skill of De Rosso a new project will come to life.
Karim Rashid, who strives to create an original world with his visionary design, his artistic ability and his particular philosophy, the expertise of De Rosso and the uniqueness of Abet laminates perfectly interpret the exhibition theme of Time, Space, and Existence.


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Venice Design 2016
28th May – 27th November
Palazzo Michiel – Venice (Italy)

10am/6pm. Closed on Tuesday.

Photo Credit: Adrian Schiopu