Abet Laminati at the Pollock Gallery in Dallas

06 September 2016

The Pollock Gallery of the Division of Art at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts will showcase the exhibition: Triple Carbs Society (The Built-In Kitchen of M. Duchamp), by the artist Marco Bruzzone.

Marco Bruzzone has created a conceptual space composed of a kitchen resembling a common American kitchen and a long communal picnic table (a replica of D. Judd´s Picnic table). Bruzzone offers the spectator a moment of reflection on the domestic space and its function as a “readymade” (a term coined by French artist Marcel Duchamp around 1913 to indicate an everyday object that has been selected and designated as art).
The Built-In Kitchen of M. Duchamp was conceived as an environment in which people can reenact Marcel Duchamp’s supposedly typical meal after he moved to New York: a simple plate of pasta with butter and cheese. The Triple Carbs Society invites visitors to experience this meal.

The space will be used every day at lunch time to cook spaghetti with butter and cheese for the public: visitors will not look at the art, but will be part of it.
Every day a spaghetto will be thrown against a wall, sticking to it and creating an abstract line in the gallery space. This performative action is made with the purpose to test the cooking of the noodle.

The graphic of the picnic table conceived by Bruzzone recreates the form of the individual strands of spaghetti thrown on the walls and to produce this decor titled “Noodle-Doodle”, the artist has chosen the quality of the digital printing technology by Abet Laminati.

September 10/October 22 2016

Triple Carbs Society (The Built-In Kitchen of M. Duchamp) by Marco Bruzzone

The Pollock Gallery is located inside the Hughes-Trigg Student Center
on the SMU campus at 3140 Dyer, Dallas, TX 75205

Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment