12 February 2016

In the year of the XXI Triennale di Milano under the emblematic title of “Design after Design”, and after completing the realization in 2015 of the Teatro dei Burattini, a permanent puppet theatre that was designed by Atelier Mendini, Abet Laminati returned on 4 February to the headquarters of this prestigious institution in Milan to talk about the future.

Abet laminates have always been interpreted by brilliant architects and designers, beginning with Ettore Sottsass and Alessandro Mendini and continuing with the young blood in designers, both Italian and foreign. In the face of an ever more global market, where differentiating comprises one of the essential design values that ensures materials are recognisable, it is necessary to be innovative without, however, putting aside tradition. For Abet Laminati this means conducting research also in collaboration with the most attentive creative talent, constantly aiming towards the highest in technical and aesthetic quality.

This was the approach for the Teatro dei Burattini and continues to be for all new products, such as Polaris, a revolutionary and high-performing product, ideal for the evolution of architecture and design. To tell the story of Abet Laminati’s journey, many key players of products Made in Italy took to the stage at Alessandro Mendini’s side: Lorenzo Damiani, Diego Grandi, Giulio Iacchetti, Perry King, Alberto Meda, Matteo Ragni, Marc Sadler, Clino Trini Castelli and Cino Zucchi.

Abet Laminati interprets the theme of the XXI Triennale in this fashion; to be more precise, it asserts that design must live up to the demands of the new modernism. It is important to remember that if vision and concrete solutions are lacking, it is impossible to design surfaces that are capable of speaking the language of the future or imagination.