Abet Digital for The Bar by Simone MicheliAbet Digital for The Bar by Simone Micheli

18 April 2017

ThE BaR is an ethical and intelligent project imagined with the desire to create an extensive communicative body and with the intention to turn the Caffè del Borgo into important center of the relationships’ network that underlines the Ventura-Lambrate district.

The captivating geometry of the furnishings that shape The Bar give origin to highly distinctive atmospheres.

Faces blocked at the instant of capturing by the by the photographer Maurizio Marcato, make tables realized using digitally printed Abet laminates animated, becoming the icon which tells about the customization of passage of time and the possibility to extend the essence and intensity of feeling good.

Who enters ThE BaR, is part of an atmosphere suspended and changing;  ThE BaR has been created to be a place and attractive, charming, exciting moment.

The Bar, that will be opened the 20th of April.

The Bar

Caffè del Borgo

Via Conte Rosso, 27