MOODBOARDS – Abet Laminati with Marco Piva at MADE expo 2017

03 March 2017

At MADE expo the exhibition MOODBOARDS offers an exciting overview of the latest trends, through an art gallery of Materic Sceneries. The setting shows Marco Piva’s approach to the selection and combination of finishes and materials that are fundamental to Architecture and Interior Design projects all over the world.

The exhibition is ideally divided in two different sections. The first is Viaggio e Racconto (Journey and Short Story), expressed by means of Moodboards, exhibited as a tool for “knowledge and discovery”, where different and distant territories are joined thanks to the materials that “compose“ the architecture. Contatto e Relazione (Contact and Relationship) is the other section which is represented by materic tables that allow visitors to come in touch with the products in the Moodboards, thus triggering the tactile as well as the visual perception.

The Exhibition wants to inspire original ways for functional and aesthetic research; a rich selection of Abet laminates is perfectly integrated into this context: Stratificato HPL, Polaris, 2015>2018 Collection and MEG (Material Exterior Grade); also Parqcolor® and Parqcolor® Scale will be among the products selected to raise emotions, ideas, suggest projects.

made expo 2017

Fiera Milano, Rho (Italy)

8/11 March 2017

9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Pav. 7, Interiors and Finishings Exhibition