18 octubre 2016

Liberamensa is the restaurant built inside the Lorusso e Cutugno prison house (former prison Carcere delle Vallette in Turin) designed by architects Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa (UdA Architects), aiming – through concrete social engagement – to introduce interior architecture in a prison.

Liberamensa involves prison inmates in every phase of its activity as a restaurant, from the preparation of food to table service. Organized for the lunch break of in-house customers, correction officers and all those who work inside the prison on a daily basis, in the evening the restaurant will also be open to the public.

This is truly a unique approach in Italy: to offer a tangible sign of environmental quality to those who work inside a penal facility, starting with the renewal of what might appear to be a minor location, but is actually absolutely central in community terms due to the symbolic importance of sharing food.

The project has been carried out by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa of UdA Architects who have restored the former prison restaurant completely free of charge. They have also worked hard to obtain the means necessary for the economic sustenance of the project, in the hope that it can become a possible “breach” in that high wall that presently prevents interior design from coming to terms precisely with the places that have the greatest need for its expertise.

Abet Laminati has supported this project by providing some laminates selected from Fluo, Evanescence, Colours and Decori Minimi Collections.

Liberamensa Restaurant

Inside Casa Circondariale Lorusso – Cutugno

Via Maria Adelaide Aglietta, 35

Turin (Italy)

Info: www.liberamensa.org