Abet Laminati for new London Design Museum

07 junio 2018

Abet laminates selected by Studio Myerscough for the setting of the new London Design Museum permanent collection.

The London Design Museum has been opened at the end of 2016 inside a modernist builnding dated 1960, once headquarter of the Commonwealth Institute, in Kensington; many designers and architectural studios have been involved in a 5 years long restructuring.

At the first floor the visitor can find what maybe is the most interesting part of the Museum: the ‘Designer Maker User’ permanent collection curated by Myerscough Studio that in February 2018 has renovated this section dedicated to visitors and chartacterrized by useful info-walls realised using some of the Abet Laminati HR-LAQ collection: shiny decors characterized by higher resistance to wear and scrubbing.

Photo Credit: Alex Upton

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