Abet Laminati at Arabian Insider tg

03 octubre 2017

On the occasion of the Aachen All Nations Cup and of the Arabian Horse World Championship in Paris, important appointments for all horse lovers coming from all over Europe and the Middle East, Abet Laminati is partner with MEG of Arabian Insider – tv and web broadcast focused on horseback riding.

In the two episodes that will be broadcasted at 7 p.m. on ClassHorse TV, 221 Sky channel, on 4 and 11 October, the Arabian Insider team will explain MEG’s characteristics; compact and long-lasting material, suitable for the building sector and specifically designed for outdoor application MEG has been selected by Arabian Insider because suitable also for realizations of stables. The same episodes are already published on the Arabian Insider Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/arabianinsider/ (episodes 3 and 4).

With this project, Abet laminates continue the searching for new and significant sectors; thanks to its versatility and the technical quality, MEG wins the interest of a news and glamorous sector.

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