Polaris for “Il design e il territorio” – Belvedere, Villa Reale, Monza

05 April 2018

Triennale Design Museum presents “Il design e il territorio”, a survey on design in the territory of Monza and Brianza through five exhibitions.

The furnishings of four exhibition spaces are characterized also by the elegant Gris Foncé Pol, Abet Laminati Polaris Collection.

  • Monza and Arredoluce – On show 20 iconic works by Arredoluce.
  • Cantù and La Selettiva del Mobile – dedicated to the Cantù-based furniture production and to Furniture Award, known as Selettiva del Mobile, with the idea of contacting architects and designers all over the world.
  • Lurago d’Erba and vegetable fibres – focused on the history of the design dedicated to the manufacturing of natural fibres.
  • Monza and the last hat makers – known as the “city of hats”, by now, is a memory for the few, kept alive by just one company.

The furnishings in the exhibition spaces are characterized also by the elegant Gris Foncé Pol, Abet Laminati Polaris Collection.

Il design e il territorio

15th April 30th September 2018

10.00 am/7.00 pm -Tuesday/Sunday

Belvedere della Villa Reale, Monza

Viale Monza 1, Monza (Italy)