Lex Pott “Chroma”

15 November 2015

Lex Pott has designed ‘Chroma’ with Abet Laminati on the occasion of the Dutch Design Week at the request of Baars & Bloemhoff.

On the occasion of the Dutch Design Week, Baars & Bloemhoff has initiated the project called ‘Transitions’. Six Dutch designers were asked to create an innovative design based on the Baars & Bloemhoff assortment of interior construction materials.

Lex Pott has designed the Chroma furniture collection with the decor collection of Abet Laminati. He has used edge banding to finish the short sides in contrasting colours, this in order to emphasize the difference between the materials so it gives the design a total new meaning.
The rich palette of colours from Abet Laminati is amply visible in the Chroma collection. Looking from multiple perspectives different colour combinations become visible due to the different coloured surfaces. In this way the objects gather momentum and create an extra dimension.