Esacore STT

26 June 2015

Esacore STT is a sandwich panel with an aluminium honeycomb core and two HPL surfaces which can be selected from the broad range of Abet Laminati products. It is particularly suitable for indoor modules or for applications that require decorative panels. The construction technique is well-known – an aluminium honeycomb core on which two laminate surfaces are glued with an adhesive film.

This particular construction pattern means that the Esacore STT panel remains extremely light. Instead of applying the decorative panels onto a previously built sandwich panel (which generally have aluminium surfaces with thickness in the 0.5-0.8 mm range), the laminates are applied directly onto the honeycomb. This means considerably less weight is added (approx. 3-4 Kg/m2 less compared to compositions with aluminium). The panels still have great strength, which is typical of sandwich panels with an aluminium honeycomb core.