Abet Laminati at SUN with Simone Micheli

05 October 2016

During SUN, Simone Micheli Architect will shape Beach Bar Restaurant HOTEL & Laboratorio FREL, a unique experiencing space, devoted to unconventional hospitality and entertainment.

Beach Bar Restaurant HOTEL & Laboratorio FREL is an interesting format both from expressive and content points of view. It breaks out with traditional views linked with the hospitality field, showing to visitors which new trends will animate food and hospitality sectors.

Beach Bar Restaurant HOTEL & Laboratorio FREL is a fluid circular space that immerge visitors into suspended reality, is a place devoted to exchanges and experimentations.

High quality elements and propositive point of reflections characterize this project.

The space is scenographic and involving: behind the reception a great work by the photographer Maurizio Marcato realized by Abet Laminati with the use of the digital printing technology completes the intensity of the room increasing its charm.


Salone Internazionale dell´Esterno

Beach Bar Restaurant HOTEL & Laboratorio FREL

Art direction and organization by Simone Micheli Architectural Hero

Rimini Fiera (Italy)

13/15 October 2016