Abet Laminati – Lombardia Branch

16 February 2018

The historic Abet Laminati Branch in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan), reopens to manage again from this well-known and strategic location the requests of the Lombardia District – with the exception of Mantova Province – and of Novara and Verbania Cusio-Ossola Provinces.

The temporary headquarter in Vertemate con Minoprio (Como Province) that allowed us to go on satisfying quickly the market demands for about one year, has been now closed and replaced by a renovated location, already recognized as a reference point for professionals.

Big and functional, the Abet Laminati Branch in Cinisello Balsamo is ideal in terms of image and highlights the commitment of the Company and its related growth, indicating the willingness towards a winning innovation anticipating future design scenarios, paying particular attention to a significant and constant relationship with the design world that in Lombardia, in particular, evolves everyday.

Viale Brianza, 6
Telephone: +39 02 35922191