Exterior Building Panels

ABET LAMINATI Exterior Building Panels

What is MEG?
Material Exterior Grade high pressure laminate is made of layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin and bonded by heat and pressure. The core and exterior surface is all one piece.

The Advantages of MEG:
1. It is graffiti resistant.
2. It is fire resistant.
3. It is impact resistant.
4. It does not corrode and is not corrosive.
5. It will not delaminate.
6. It is splinter-proof.
7. It is easy to work with and can be cut in the field.
8. It is easy to clean.
9. It is termite-proof.
10. It is anti-static.

How is MEG Applied?
MEG is applied as a ventilated wall system commonly known as Rain Screen.

MEG Offers:
1. Dozens of standard solid colors, woodgrain patterns and concrete look.
2. Solutions to the design of building facades.
3. MEG offers superior performance and a unique look.

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