Abet Laminati presents Abet Lock – featuring Threespine® click technology – a new assembling system with HPL COMPACT GRADE panels.


With Abet Lock – featuring Threespine® click technology – Abet Laminati provides its customers with a technical solution enabling the introduction of a new generation of furniture on the market.

The system perfectly integrates with STRATIFICATO, a compact and shock resistant core in HPL laminate.
A technology which underlines 2 traditional Abet Laminati assets: great quality and the extensive range of innovative décors.
To this extent, Abet Lock allows a bespoke and personalized design by tapping into the décors and finishes of Stratificato HPL.


With a few clicks and limited amount of time a screw-less object or equipment can be realized. Just your hands are required!
The key element for Abet Lock is the flexible locking tongue that automatically locks the boards and hides the joints. The flexible locking tongues are already inserted in the panel to allow a quick and seamless assembly.


Abet Lock – featuring Threespine® click technology – allows each piece of furniture to be dismantled through a dismantling strip which unlocks the mechanism, being positioned between the groove and the blocks, with a simple release action.

Lock open
Lock closed
  • The flexible tongue is inserted in the starting trim.
  • The entering panel makes the flexible tongue slip into the groove.
  • Lock! The panel gets to the final position and the flexible tongue snaps and blocks the panels together over their entire length providing outstanding stability.

Lock Steps

No screw, fastener, plug.
No hammer, no drill.
Easy and quick to fix.
No dust.
New design opportunities.
Full Abet Laminati range availability.
Less transportation volume.
Lower costs.
Environmental friendly.
No oversize packaging/transportation.
Great stability and shock resistance.
Digitally bespoke design available.